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SPRINT PL5 Digital 2Q Drive

Manufacturer Code: PL5

Condition: New

Sprint PL5 Digital 3PH DC Motor Controller 12 Amps 5KW 2Q

With an extensive range of standard software blocks, it can take control of the most demanding motion tasks. All models include 40 character alpha-numeric back-lit display, full set of centre winding blocks and a field weakener for extended speed range. A high quality product from a world beating company. UL, cUL and CE approved.

Standard Software Functions
• Full suite of centre winding macros
• Motorised pot simulator with memory
• 2x PID’s (Undedicated)
• 2x Summers (Undedicated)
• 2x Filters ( Undedicated)
• Delay Timer
• Current Profiling
• Spindle Orientation
• Jog/Crawl functions
• Dual Motor Swap
• Latch
• Linear of S Ramp
• Slack take up
• Batch counter
• Draw Control
• Auto self-tune current loop
• 3 User programmable drive
• Configurations
Alarm Status
• First fault latched and automatically displayed. Fault automatically saved at power point.

This model has regenerative stopping capability as standard

• 0-50C ambient enclosure internal operating temperature
• -25C - +55C storage
• Protect from direct sunlight.
• Ensure dry, corrosive free environment.

• 85% Relative humidity maximum.
• Note: - Relative humidity is temperature dependent, do not allow condensation.

• Non-flammable, non-condensing. Pollution Degree: 2, Installation cat: 3

SPRINT PL5 Digital 2 Quad Drive, 5KW, 6.6HP, 12 Armature Current DC Amps, 8 Field Amps

Frame Size 289 x 216 x 174mm / 8.5" x 11.4" x 6.9"

Shipping Weight 9kg

Product Downloads

Sprint PL & PLX Brochure
Sprint PL & PLX Manual

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SPRINT PL5 Digital 2Q Drive
  • SPRINT PL5 Digital 2Q Drive
  • SPRINT PL5 Digital 2Q Drive - Second Image

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