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Parker AC890CD 5.5kW 230V Frame C Drive

Manufacturer Code: 890CD-232240C0-000-1A000 (Discontinued)

Condition: New

Operates in V/F, sensorless Vector control or full closed-loop Flux Vector Control (with optional Encoder Feedback Card). It can also be used with permanent magnet motors. (DC Supply Voltage).

The 890CD is a modular Inverter designed for energy-saving or space-saving Common DC Bus applications. It requires an 890 Common DC Bus supply unit to function correctly.

With integrated three-phase AC supply inputs. With its wide range of sizes available, the AC890SD is suitable for every type of application from a small machine to a large industrial high power process line. For variable torque loads like fans, blowers, and most pumps, economical “Quadratic Torque” ratings are offered for Frame E and larger.

Advanced Performance - includes Basic LINK VM function blocks: math functions, Boolean logic, timers, counters, One shots, threshold comparators, latches, plus: motion control firmware with added position loop, motion control function blocks, move incremental, move absolute, move home, line drive master ramp and section control, winder blocks (SPW, CPW), full function PID, state machine, and others.

The AC890 features Safe Torque Off functionality as standard, offering users protection against unexpected motor start-up in accordance with EN18849-1 PL-3 or SIL3. Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount. Can be mounted onto Din rail using fitting kit included.

Various option cards available including Encoder/Resolver feedback, Analog cards, Brake Switch, Comms Option Cards Rated 45°C Ambient. Ventilation space in front - [Not Specified] Ventilation space above and below - 150mm. Ventilation space at sides - 0mm (drives can be mounted side by side).

Product Dimensions: 116.2mm Wide x 258.5mm Deep x 433.6mm High. IP20 Weight: 6.6kg.

Packaging Dimensions – 56cm Length, 39cm Wide, 25cm Height Weight: 7.0kg

For further details, click on the downloads below:-

Product Downloads

890 CS CD Quickstart Guide for Frames B,C & D
Parker SSD AC890 CatalogueGB
Parker SSD AC890 Frame B C and D Product Manual

£9,999.00 (+ vat)
Parker AC890CD 5.5kW 230V Frame C Drive
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